Everything you should know about thesis printing

How should you provide us with your thesis?

As a print-out (hard copy).
As an electronic version, preferably as a pdf file (font included).
As little as possible data on the electronic medium (usb, hard disk); it is scanned automatically with a virus scanner, i.e. the more data the longer it takes.

What should you pay attention to?

Single- or double-sided printing.
In case of double-sided printing, add the necessary white pages if a chapter needs to begin on a right-hand page.


We take the utmost care to complete your thesis in the shortest possible timeframe, with a maximum of 4 working hours.

Binding is possible

Metal rings
PVC front and/of back
Complete cover
The title page is printed on the cover
Available in different colours
Cover with PVC front and cardboard back
Also available in different colours

Printing your thesis? Alpha Copy does it within 4 hours!

We can’t guarantee the quality of your thesis’ content. But we can assure you that it will look great and professional. Visit us today – no appointment needed!

Together we’ll print your thesis and select the best binding option. Within 4 office hours you can pick it up without any hassle!
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